Corporate Aircraft Maintenance and Business Aviation

There is a paradox, business aviation is 30% down, but completion centres have never been so busy. Of course, heads-of-state, royal families, and even some high rollers remain unaffected by the recession, but this is not the whole story.

Swiss-based Jet Aviation has expanded in the USA. Lufthansa Technik and Marshall Aerospace with their business aviation centre are promoting corporate aircraft maintenance too.

Airlines who are suffering are deferring deliveries, so airframes are becoming available for VIP clients ahead of schedule and at a discount. Completion centres are therefore being pressured to accept them early. Meanwhile, many previous generation business jets are now due for refurbishment, and while airlines are looking to dump their regional jets, entrepreneurial opportunities exist to refurbish them to executive configurations, then offer them to customers for less than a new purchase. Part of the consolidation is also defensive. As the market contracts, OEMs are bringing more completion work in-house. Airlines slash capacity and offload and then refurbishment, interior upgrades, airborne Internet, adjustable LED lighting, and executive suites make a regional jet marketable as a corporate jet.

Lufthansa Technik (LHT) announced late last year that its completion and refurbishment centre at Tulsa, typically working on Falcons and Learjets, will deliver BBJs and its first A319. LHT is also repositioning narrow-body and RJ conversion support work to the former Swissair maintenance complex in Basel.

Similarly, Jet Aviation has been adding major hangar expansions on both continents. Fokker Services has moved into ACJ series completions and has a two-year business jet backlog. Comlux Completions USA is a new player, having bought into Airbus’s ACJ Completions Centre in Toulouse, while its Zurich based Creatives division designs, specs and manages completions projects.

In the UK, Cambridge City Airport will now be known as Marshall Airport Cambridge with a new Marshall Business Aviation Centre with integrated corporate maintenance facility.

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More Options For Business Conferences

How has business facilities changed in the last century? Where business meetings and conferences were held in basic locations, these days we see specified business conference centres offering large rooms for these businesses as well as luxury catering services and free access to extra things. Business conferences were held in very low key areas, such as coffee shops or cafes. These days businesses hold their business conferences in actual centres, designed to hold a certain number of people and provide a more professional atmosphere.

These days a business meeting centre is much more than just a business conference centre. In the past all that was needed was the company of a few business officials and a big open space. Now business conference centres come complete with all of the above and some extras such as speakers, microphone, projector equipment, video equipment and of course a buffet service. Other things included with some centres are accommodation where needed and a parking space facility.

There are normally staffs at hand for the day, making sure that everything runs smoothly for the conference and to oversee that the service provided is satisfactory. The key to all business conference centres is that they have a simply layout, provide a basic service and be very well organised. Long term success in any conference centre has always pointed to their ability to be very well organised.

Making a good impression is always important for any business, therefore the venue should be immaculate, well presented, modern and clean. In essence a business meeting can be held anywhere at any building, however this may not be possible if the intended venue lacks any of the above qualities. Some venues can be held at stately homes, mansions, public halls or anywhere that can fit a large number of people.

It also helps to find a place that offers something unique, which can make the conference more enjoyable and less arduous. The key note speaker or host would need to be distinguished from other participants with their place at the front, on a stage or raised platform, a lectern and a microphone where needed.

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London Town, Centre of the Business World

There used to be a time when the sun didn’t set on the Commonwealth. Those days are long gone, but London England still demands, and exudes, a certain level of pomp and circumstance. Known the world over for its great international banks, fashion industry, universities and so much more, it is hard to imagine the world surviving without London.

On the wall of world time zones, London time is a required time to know and be aware of, since the city of London is home to hundreds of businesses located around the world!

Some of the top business interests are the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, London Business School, the Vintners Company, the Regus Centre, Business Design Centre Ltd., and Imperial College Business School to name a few.

The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a powerful board and influences legislation regarding the London commercial area in and around London since 1881.

London Business School has a high reputation, and many international students find an MBA from London Business School a ticket to success.

The Vintners Company – dates back to 1363. This ancient Livery is the first of the twelve major work guilds with a still strong influence on the wine making industry.

The Regus Centre rents offices out to businesses all over the world. Its impressive brown tower is an address that no upwards moving professional would scoff at.

Business Design Centre Ltd. Is a modern trade show location which is usually booked well into the future?

Imperial College Business School is another important business school located in the very heart of London.

London is home to three international airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. The travel industry uses London as a major hub. With four international airports come travel agencies by the score. Many of the ex-commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada, India and South Africa feel a great kinship for the mother country, and wouldn’t consider their lives complete without a visit to England, particularly London. Additionally, a great number of English citizens live abroad, often returning “home” for the obligatory annual visit at Christmas time.

The fashion industry is based on London’s long tradition with manufacturing wonderful fabrics. As early as colonial times, London sharecroppers were kicked off the lands in favor of breeding sheep for their wool. Cotton manufacturing from America was a major partner in this tradition of textiles.

Today’s fashion industry is worth 21 billion pounds a year – about 1.7 % of the gross national product and representing a staggering 816,000 jobs. This is epitomized by London’s fashion week. It occurs in February each year and represents a huge commercial growth for the nation. Runway models on the catwalks are up to the minute fantastic. London manufacturers strive to back up the glitz with real world value. After a temporary bashing by Chinese produced imports, English fashion has made a rebound with quality clothing closer to home. The long distance transport issue and lower quality reputation of Chinese manufacturers have given the Brits the edge they need to take it up, up and away, once again.

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Promotional Mouse Mats For Your Business Design

Promotion or advertising is one of the key elements in business. In marketing, promotion constitutes the first step to entrepreneurial success. Both small and large business enterprises benefit from advertising.

However, it is a fact that advertising can be expensive- far too expensive for some people. Getting a contract for a television commercial is no small joke for small business, and airtime in multiple radio stations is also costly.

In hard-pressed times, promotional mouse mats can be used in the place of more traditional modes of advertising. Designing mouse mats is easy.

What you have to remember is that they are mostly six to seven inches across. Larger designs are also available, and some of these also have other accessories like calculators.

To make your advertising striking, make sure that you make full use of your business’s logo. If your business is relatively new, and you only have a few ideas, it’s time to think of something really attractive and eye catching to place on the product.

Your logo for example, which would be placed at the centre or as a banner on the upper or lower portion should be striking. Bright colours should be used, and the shapes should be congruent and should flow smoothly into each other.

Take the logo of Windows for example; the small squares use light colours and yet it’s recognizable no matter how small it is. If you can think of something this effective, then the gifts you would be distributing would be effective in advertising your business.

Remember also that not everyone pays attention to free things so if you wish to inform a potential consumer of the whereabouts of your business, place the information centrally in the mouse mat. If you have exclusive offers, emphasize the texts that carry these offers and use dialog balloons that would catch the eye of the potential customer.

The texture of the design also counts. Remember that there are three main groups of mouse users: those using traditional magnetic ball mice, those using inexpensive optical mice and those using high-end optical mice. Make sure that the surface of the chosen design can be used by all the recipients.

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Learn From the Work Home Business Resource Centre

Resource centers are provided in order to assist people with finding the information they are looking for. They’re not all that organized or genre specific though. Find a work home business centre that shows you how to do it all, with quick and simple results. One that will always be there to help you at anytime and answer question or plain just tell you what to do.

Like any business, you must learn the skills in order to produce results. Most company’s have in house training, others require the training before you start. It all comes down to know how the job is done. With work home business resource centre you are shown how to do it all. From beginner lesson all the way to expert lessons and everything in between. Learn how to market online and start a business right out of your own home, all the tools are there.

Scared to start something new? Not sure if you will be capable of learning the skills? Well that’s ok… it’s natural to have such feelings, but the work home business resource centre makes it quick and simple to get results for your business. Already have a business? Let the resource centre take it to the next level. Training modules are designed to allow anyone to be able to do it.

Are you worried about starting your own business and having no one to help you? In most cases this would be true, no one there to answer your question, or show you what to do. Not at the work home business centre, There’s always someone a click away to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Like I said, it’s simple

Working from home doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to learn the right skills to make it simple. Stop struggling in your search for help, or a business to have at home, you don’t have to look far…just look in the right spot.

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